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whatsapp chatbot

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Understanding WhatsApp’s Chatbot Functionality

Floatchat WhatsApp chatbots utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) and their unique Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine to smartly interact with your customers. These chatbots can be used to respond to customer inquiries about your offerings, distribute content, boost sales, and deliver updates related to orders, payments, and shipping, among other things.

These business-oriented chatbots operate via the WhatsApp Business API, enabling intelligent interaction with a variety of users, such as customers, employees, and students. This can happen seamlessly and without any need for direct human involvement.

The Benefits of Crafting Your Own WhatsApp Chatbot

whatsapp chatbot

If your customer base is rather small, it might be feasible to manage by responding to each message individually. However, as your venture expands, the task of maintaining customer support becomes increasingly difficult.

Even with a smaller customer pool, there’s a major drawback with manually addressing every query – the inevitable delay. Customers may find themselves waiting for their questions to be answered, leading to a situation where they often don’t receive the information they require in a timely manner. This isn’t a favorable scenario.

For businesses in the eCommerce or retail sector, the situation becomes even more problematic. With 53% of online shoppers abandoning their shopping carts due to the lack of immediate responses, the stakes are high.

Therefore, if your aim is to retain satisfied customers and safeguard your shopping carts from being deserted, it would be beneficial to implement an AI chatbot for WhatsApp in your business operations.

What are the steps to develop a WhatsApp Chatbot?

Step 1: Choosing the Ideal Platform When it comes to developing a chatbot, there are two main options.

You can either code it yourself or leverage a robust, no-code chatbot platform. Utilizing a no-code chatbot platform like Floatchat is the smarter alternative. After all, why invest time and effort in laboriously coding a chatbot when you can easily construct a WhatsApp chatbot using a visual interface?

With our assistance, you can quickly establish your bot and start providing exceptional customer experiences at a faster pace than if you opted to code it yourself.

We offer pre-configured chatbots for WhatsApp that cater to all industries and use cases, thus reducing the time it takes for your product to reach the market.

Step 2: Essential Requirements for Deploying Chatbots on WhatsApp Firstly, you need to acquire access to the WhatsApp Business API.

To secure access to the WhatsApp bot API, your business must be verified on Facebook.

Additionally, you need to register a phone number as your dedicated WhatsApp Business phone number.

WhatsApp will initiate a call to this number to validate it and activate it for your WhatsApp Business Account. Therefore, it’s critical to ensure that the number can accept calls from the USA.

Step 3: Configure and Link Your WhatsApp Business Account on Floatchat. In the Floatchat portal, go to the ‘Deploy’ tab and select ‘WhatsApp’.

whatsapp chatbot

You’ll then need to select your provider from the drop-down menu. For the quickest setup of your WhatsApp bot, opt for 360Dialog as your WhatsApp provider. This selection not only speeds up the setup process but also allows you to create WhatsApp message templates that can be used for broadcast messages directly from the Floatchat portal.

Step 4: Set Up WhatsApp Input your WhatsApp Business number into the provided phone number field.

whatsapp chatbot

If you’re currently using this guide on how to develop a WhatsApp bot, promptly fill out this form, and we’ll detail the procedure for generating your WhatsApp API key.

Step 5: Conduct a Test Run of Your WhatsApp Chatbot. With all your details duly filled in, you’re prepared to test your WhatsApp AI chatbot.

whatsapp chatbot

You might be wondering now that you’ve figured out how to create your WhatsApp bot, “Can I incorporate my WhatsApp bot into my website?”

After finalizing all the steps, you’ll gain access to the HTML code that you can integrate into your website, enabling you to create a free WhatsApp bot widget.

In addition, you’ll receive your WhatsApp QR code and a Click-to-chat WhatsApp link for further sharing.

Examples of High-Performing WhatsApp Chatbots

1. Exploring Larsen & Toubro

Larsen & Toubro (L&T) required a mechanism to interact with their substantial workforce of 330,000 employees scattered across various locations, respond to their inquiries, and obtain progress reports from them.

They implemented a chatbot on WhatsApp that operates in English and Hindi.

This chatbot enhances the communication process between employees stationed at different construction sites and off-site project managers. By posing questions to the workers and gathering their feedback, the bot has significantly cut down the time dedicated to daily reporting.

Moreover, it has streamlined the process of monitoring progress across multiple projects for the project managers.

2. An Overview of Poppy’s

Poppy’s, a significant retailer and eCommerce business chose to incorporate a free WhatsApp bot with Floatchat Live Chat. This potent blend of automated and human interaction aids in lead generation and customer support, ensuring customers receive immediate responses to their inquiries, no matter how complex.

Their bot is capable of retrieving information about all their products and delivering it to customers in both English and Spanish.

Given that their catalogs are frequently updated, manually training the bot wouldn’t be practical. Poppy didn’t want to have to manually upload FAQs for every single product.

That’s why they decided to utilize DocuSense. Our DocuSense technology employs cognitive search to parse documents and respond to customer queries based on the information within them.

The outcome? Customers receive answers to all their inquiries, while Poppy’s team is spared the task of manually training their bot!

3. Exploring the Mall of the Emirates

The Mall of the Emirates utilizes Floatchat to deliver customer service and manage its loyalty program. They employ a smart chatbot for WhatsApp, in conjunction with Live Chat, to ensure their patrons have an exceptional experience.

Their bot employs Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to extract details from receipts submitted by customers. Therefore, all customers need to do is send their receipts to the bot, and their loyalty points are automatically assigned without the need for human involvement.


Q: What is a WhatsApp bot?
Ans: A WhatsApp bot is an automated software powered by rules or artificial intelligence that operates on the WhatsApp platform. It’s designed to simulate human conversation and interact with users by answering their questions, providing information, and performing tasks.

Q: How does a WhatsApp bot work?
Ans: WhatsApp bots function using a set of pre-determined instructions or artificial intelligence algorithms. When a user sends a message, the bot analyzes the text and responds with the most suitable pre-programmed response or carries out a specific task.

Q: Can a WhatsApp bot initiate a conversation?
Ans: As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, WhatsApp bots are not allowed to initiate conversations due to WhatsApp’s policies. However, they can respond to user-initiated conversations and engage in ongoing dialogues.

Q: How can a WhatsApp bot benefit my business?
Ans: WhatsApp bots can significantly enhance customer service by providing instant responses to inquiries. They also allow for automated, scalable interactions, which can save time and reduce workload. Additionally, bots can help with lead generation, order placement, and tracking, among other tasks.

Q: How do I create a WhatsApp bot?
Ans: There are various platforms that allow you to create WhatsApp bots without needing to code, such as Floatchat. These platforms usually involve setting up a WhatsApp Business account, configuring the bot’s responses, and connecting it to the WhatsApp API. Always ensure you follow WhatsApp’s guidelines when creating a bot.

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