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With FloatChat, you can deploy your AI chatbot on multiple channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and more, to offer an omnichannel customer experience that your customers will love.

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Triumphs of Our Valued Customers:
Inspiring Success Stories

Bh Designs - Your Premier Graphic Designing Partner Challenge

We needed an AI-powered chatbot that could handle a large volume of customer queries, provide accurate responses.

Floatchat conducted a thorough analysis of our requirements & developed a customized bot solution using their expertise in AI.



queries answered by the bot


visitors converted to MQLs

Just Jesters

Just Jesters Woodcraft Wizards: - Innovative Wood Solutions

As the customer base grew, the existing support system struggled to keep up with the increasing volume of inquiries.

Solution Floatchat was integrated with JustJesters’ website and social media platforms, allowing customers to interact seamlessly.


increase in student engagement


students completed the workflow

Expand your revenue three times with Chatbots and Live chat

Yappi : Telecom Connecting You to a World of Communication

Needed a solution that could handle customer queries 24/7, and reduce the workload on their customer support team

FloatChat worked closely with Yappi Telecom to develop a customized chatbot solution with advanced features.



Queries were answered by the bot


Reduction in response time


Users Handled By bot


MSACrafts:Crafting Innovative Graphic Solutions with MSACrafts

We got challenges in managing a high volume of customer inquiries and providing timely and accurate responses.

Solution Collaborated with Floatchat and developed a customized chatbot solution tailored to their specific requirements. 


reduction in response time


queries answered by the bot

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“Floatchat’s no coding bot development functionality makes it a very convenient and easy-to-use platform.The omnichannel feature is also a major advantage as it allows for the use of a single bot across multiple channels.This accessibility is very handy for users.”

Sandra Bullock

Finance Adviser


“The Float Chat team is highly responsive and cooperative, making the onboarding process of our chatbot into our call center solution a fast and seamless experience. The integration with Facebook was also quick and easy, which helped us to get our chatbot up and running in no time.”

John Smith

Account Professional

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Frequently Asked Questions

A case study on FloatChat is a detailed examination of how a specific organization or individual has successfully used FloatChat’s services to achieve their goals.

Case studies provide real-world examples of how FloatChat can be effectively utilized, offering insights and inspiration for others facing similar challenges.

FloatChat case studies cover a wide range of industries and sectors, including education, healthcare, e-commerce, customer support, and more.

Yes, FloatChat offers the option to request a custom case study that highlights your organization’s success story with our services. Please contact our team for more information.

Case studies can serve as valuable marketing and educational tools, helping your organization showcase its achievements and share best practices with your audience.

Yes, case studies typically include specific results, outcomes, and metrics to demonstrate the impact of using FloatChat’s services.

Yes, you are encouraged to share FloatChat case studies with your colleagues, peers, and network to inspire and educate others on the benefits of our services.

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