How FloatChat Helped MSACrafts

Get Accurate Customer Responses

MSACrafts is a graphic solutions company that provides creative services to businesses of all sizes. The company was facing a challenge in providing accurate responses to their customers’ queries. Their support team was struggling to handle a high volume of support requests, which led to delayed responses and decreased customer satisfaction.



MSA Crafts needed a solution that could provide accurate responses to their customers' queries without adding significant costs. They needed a solution that could improve response time, reduce customer wait time, and increase customer satisfaction.


MSA Crafts approached FloatChat, a chatbot services provider, for a solution to their problem. FloatChat developed a customized chatbot for MSACrafts that could provide accurate responses to their customers' queries. The chatbot was integrated into MSACrafts' website and mobile application and was designed to provide immediate responses to frequently asked questions.

The chatbot was also programmed to collect customer data, including their contact information, support history, and feedback. This data was stored in a centralized database, which was accessible to MSACrafts' support and sales teams. The teams could use this data to personalize their interactions with customers and offer them tailored solutions.

FloatChat provided MSACrafts with a dashboard that enabled them to monitor support performance, track the performance of the chatbot, and analyze customer data. The dashboard helped MSACrafts gain valuable insights into their support process, customer behavior, preferences, and requirements, which they could use to make informed business decisions.


The chatbot solution provided by FloatChat helped MSACrafts provide accurate responses to their customers' queries. The key results achieved were:

Improved Customer Satisfaction

The chatbot solution reduced the response time and provided accurate responses to frequently asked questions, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Personalized Support

With the chatbot solution, MSACrafts was able to personalize its interactions with customers, leading to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Improved Efficiency

The chatbot solution automated the response to frequently asked questions and support requests, freeing up the support and sales teams to focus on more complex queries.

Cost Savings

The chatbot solution reduced the workload of the support team and improved the efficiency of the support process, leading to cost savings.

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The customized chatbot solution provided by FloatChat helped MSACrafts provide 24/7 customer support services to their customers without adding significant costs you can also read Yappi reviews about floatchat. With the chatbot solution, MSA Crafts was able to provide immediate responses to customer queries, personalize interactions with customers, and gain valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and requirements. The chatbot solution improved customer satisfaction, provided 24/7 support, and improved efficiency, ultimately leading to the growth of the business.

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