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Chatbot For LiveChat Messenger App

Merge the scalability of AI live Chatbot with a human touch to enhance your customer service.

live chatbot

Get in touch with customers anywhere and at any time

Enrich your customer service experience with LiveChat’s powerful platform! Connect instantly to customers using a Chat bot and drive higher online sales. Uncover the power of limitless engagement with Chatbot technology and discover a world overflowing with potential. With Chatbot, you can provide quick and efficient customer support.

FloatChat for Facebook Messenger

Welcome the Chat robot

FloatChat's chat bot service is a powerful tool that can be integrated with live chatbot software.

FloatChat for Facebook Messenger

Available for after-hours

Our chat bot can answer questions around the clock, even when you're not available to respond.

FloatChat for Facebook Messenger

Generate leads with chat bot

Automate lead capture with the help of a chat robot to gather potential customers effortlessly.

FloatChat for Facebook Messenger

Chat robot for Appointment

Make your appointment scheduling and reservation booking process automatic with a chat robot.

live chatbot
live chatbot
live chatbot
live chatbot

Connect Floatchat with Live chat instantly

Feel Familiarity With Floatchat's chatbot live

Agents can work seamlessly with Chatbot Live Chat’s intuitive platform to provide top-notch customer support. Our powerful live chatbot technology allows quick and accurate responses to customer inquiries, freeing your agents to handle more complex issues.

live chatbot


ChatBot is the ultimate search assistant for your chats! Let ChatBot be your go-to companion for effortless chat organization! Tag, categorize and find conversations with the greatest of ease

live chatbot

Generate a ticket

Transform customer service with the power of LiveChat! Create tickets quickly and easily, even when your agents are away - giving customers a seamless experience that leaves them satisfied.

live chatbot

Generate a record

Float Chat keeps the conversation smooth and empowers your team with an easy-to-use chatbot to ensure superior customer service standards every time. Don't let a single interaction slip by!

live chatbot


While float chat is a powerful tool for handling customer inquiries, a human touch is sometimes required.

live chatbot

Close a chat

At Floatchat, we understand the importance of providing a seamless and natural customer experience.

live chatbot


One key metric to consider is tracking customer purchases and sign-ups, which can provide valuable insights into your floatchat's live chatbot performance.

Superior Interactive Messaging

This innovative tool allows you to create conversational experiences that grab your customers’ attention.

live chatbot
Automate FAQs and Boost Lead Generation with a Live Chatbot
live chatbot


Showcase your very best with Floatchat - compose dynamic cards and carousels from various elements like text, images, buttons & more! Create visually stunning posts that draw attention.



Streamline and simplify the way you explore conversations with Floatchat - one-touch access to URLs, dialing numbers, and more! Navigate smarter today for an effortless conversation experience.

Look at Livechat in action. Try float chat today

Additional Features

At Floatchat, we’re proud to offer a platform that goes above and beyond traditional chatbots.

Provide 24x7 support

Streamline your customer service experience with Float Chat and unleash the power of 24/7 support. Automate tedious, repetitive tasks to free up resources so you can focus on providing customers with extraordinary care — revolutionize how you do business today! Join us today to enjoy incredible results!


Shopping has never been easier! Need to shop but short on time? Our innovative platform allows you to find what you’re looking for, fast — straight in your chat window. Shopping has never been this stress-free; with our streamlined options and reduced cart abandonment rates, we’ll have you shopping from the comfort of home without a hitch!

live chatbot
live chatbot
live chatbot
live chatbot


On our platform, you'll discover a suite of visual elements and ChatBot actions that can be seamlessly combined to create an interactive story. Leverage these tools to capture leads, receive customer feedback, promote your offers - all while creating remarkable experiences with the power of your brand!



Take your customer engagement to new heights with Float Chat's chatbot online platform! Personalize messaging, create tailored promotions and surveys - all at an unprecedented level. Talk to your customers like never before – it'll be sure to float their boat!



Unlock the potential of your business with our customizable chatbot templates! Streamline operations, boost customer service and sales – they'll help you create a bot specifically tailored to meet any goal.


Is the Float Chat integration for Live chat free?

The answer is yes; the integration itself is entirely free of charge. However, it’s important to note that to use ChatBot and LiveChat together; you must pay for each product separately. 

Do Floatchat and Livechat have different subscriptions?

Each product has its subscription plan, and you can choose to subscribe to one or both of them depending on your needs

In which float chat plan is the Livechat Integration offered?

The good news is that the Floatchat integration for Live Chatbot  is offered in all of Floatchat’s plans. This means that no matter which plans you choose, you can use this powerful integration to provide your customers with a seamless chatbot and live chat experience.

How many concurrent chats can a bot take within the Livchat integration?

If you’re wondering how many chats a bot can handle at once within the LiveChat integration, the answer is up to 500. This means that your bot will be able to efficiently manage and respond to many chat requests from your customers without any issues. 

How do Live Chatbots benefit customer service teams?

Live Chatbots can assist customer service teams by handling routine inquiries, reducing response times, and freeing up human agents to focus on more complex tasks.

Can a chatbot transfer chat to a Livechat agent?

Yes, you can transfer the chat to live chat agents 

Are Live Chatbots available 24/7?

Many Live Chatbots can operate 24/7, providing round-the-clock support to users and website visitors.

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