skype chatbot

Learn the true meaning of a
Skype bot and its uses for your business

This tool allows you or your enterprise to automate the exchange of messages with customers on Skype. With this technology, your patrons can quickly receive answers to their inquiries while also enabling the automation of monotonous, repetitive tasks typically performed by your employees. As a result, this innovation can streamline the work process and improve the overall customer experience.

skype chatbot

Different ways in which Skype chatbot functions

Skype bots operate through text-based chat interactions, where users can input messages and respond to buttons. However, Skype has also made it possible to develop voice-based chatbots that can be utilized on the platform.  The important features are


Buttons present the user with pre-made requests or commands they can choose from without formulating and typing out their message manually.


Elements refer to messages that contain comprehensive product cards that showcase a product's name, image, and price.

Use a menu function

In addition to buttons and elements, Skype bots have a menu feature that displays a list of the Bot's capabilities when the user first engages.

Three types of mechanisms you can add to your Bot

skype chatbot

Adding a Bot from a Specific Bot URL Link

The first mechanism for users to find and add your Skype bot is through a specific bot URL link. This link can be found on the dev portal for your Bot. To make use of this mechanism, you must have already created a bot and have access to the dev portal.

skype chatbot is best

Adding a Skype Chtabot Button on Your Website

The second mechanism for users to find and add your Skype bot is by adding a Skype bot button on your website. This button will point to your bot's add URL on the Skype developer portal.

skype chatbot is best

Finding and Adding a Bot from the Skype Chatbot Directory

The third mechanism for users to find and add your Skype bot is by seeing it in the Skype bot directory.

adding a bot from a (1)
Adding A Skype Bot Button On Your Website (1)
Finding And Adding A Bot From The Skype Bot Directory (1)

The procedure to make a skype Chatbot

skype chatbot

Generate a bot on bot framework

Creating a bot on Bot Framework is the first step towards making it available for users to find and add. To get started, you will need a Skype account. If you already have one, you can proceed to the next step.

skype chatbot is best

Update Message endpoints

To update your messaging endpoint for Skype, follow these steps, Go to the configuration section of your Skype bot. Find the "Message endpoint" field.Paste the endpoint URL from your Engati portal. You can find this URL by going to Deploy -> Skype in your Engati portal.

skype chatbot

Generating App ID & App secret

To create an App ID and Secret for your Skype chatbot, navigate to the configuration section and click the "Create Microsoft App ID and password" button. This will generate an App ID and App name for your Bot. You will also see a button to "Generate an app password to continue."A

skype chatbot

Add skype as a channel on the bot framework

After creating your Bot on Bot Framework, the next step is to add Skype as a channel so that users can find and add your Bot on Skype. On the Skype configuration page, you must provide details about your Bot, such as the display name and the callback URL.

skype chatbot

Add it to your skype contacts

To add your Bot to your Skype contacts, click the "Add to Contacts" button on the bot configuration page. This will launch the Skype application. Once the Skype application is found, you can send a message to the Bot from your Skype contacts to test it.

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