Exceling Globally in Generative and Conversational AI WhatsApp Facebook Instagram  Telegram Email In essence, being a global leader in generative and conversational AI technology means being at the forefront of developing and implementing AI solutions that are innovative, influential, ethical, and widely recognized across the globe. Get 14 Days Free

area code

List of US Area Codes by State: Area Code Lookup States Area Codes Alabama 205  251  256  334  938 Alaska 907 Arizona 480  520  602  623  928 Arkansas 479   501   870 California 209  213  310  323  408  415  424  442  510  530  559  562  619  626  628  650  657 

Unlock Next-Level Engagement with NLP Chatbot Automation

Finer Engagement Customers for a lifetime Provide Higher Contact Center Efficiency with top-end contact center ai solutions. Robotize upto 90 % of customer engagement through different voice and chat channels, increase agent productivity & get higher CSAT scores. You can do all these functions through one single solution: Float Chat.

201 Area Code

Amplify Your Voice, Reach the World: New Jersey 201 Area Code WhatsApp Marketing In New Jersey’s 201 area code, businesses are using WhatsApp to communicate directly with local customers, moving away from traditional methods like cold-calling and emails. This method allows for more personal interactions and the opportunity to connect

Enhance Website Engagement with AI Chatbot -Floatchat

Chatbot For Your Website Transform user engagement on your websites by leveraging the potential of AI through a websites chatbot. Start Your Trial Now Having a conversational AI chatbot is essential in today’s digital world. Utilizing conversational AI chatbots can unlock the benefits of a smooth and efficient customer support

FloatChat’s Helpdesk Chatbot: Your 24/7 Support Partner

Floatchat for Help Desk Messenger Measure your support services & gather HelpDesk chatbot tickets by using a Floatchat. Start your trial now The meaning of Helpdesk Before we dive deeper into how a Floatchat can be used for HelpDesk, it’s essential to understand what HelpDesk chatbot is. HelpDesk is a


Make your Conversations a Primary Strategy for​ Conversions Retentions Revenue Growth Want to maximize your business potential? Build relationships with customers through interactive channels like WhatsApp and Facebook with Floatchat. Interact directly, boost leads, drive revenue – make a measurable impact on success!  Get Free Trial Now Have A Smooth

FloatChat Pricing – Affordable Plans for Your Communications

Pricing that adjusts to your goals and grows  with you Experience the features of our Team plan for a free trial period of 14 days with no need for a credit card and no coding skills required. Sign up Free – Best Price professional Small Companies $39/mo billed annualy or $45 month to

AI Algorithms Context

Chatbot’s AI Algorithms  Context by FloatChat In recent years, chatbots have gained increasing popularity as a means of enhancing customer engagement and communication. Chatbots are artificial intelligence (AI) programs that simulate human conversation through text or voice interactions. With the advent of AI and machine learning technologies, chatbots have become more advanced,

Empower Your Skype Conversations with FloatChat’s Smart Chatbot

Learn the true meaning of a Skype bot and its uses for your business This tool allows you or your enterprise to automate the exchange of messages with customers on Skype. With this technology, your patrons can quickly receive answers to their inquiries while also enabling the automation of monotonous,

MS Teams

ChatBot for Microsoft team With Microsoft team its  impressive perplexity and burstiness, Floatchat’s responses are dynamic, engaging, and human-like, giving your conversations a natural flow and unmatched versatility. Start Your Trial Now Experience the Power of AI with Floatchat’s Advanced Responses Get the power of advanced AI, task automation, real-time

Automate FAQs and Boost Lead Generation with a Live Chatbot

Chatbot For LiveChat Messenger App Merge the scalability of AI live Chatbot with a human touch to enhance your customer service. Start your trial now Get in touch with customers anywhere and at any time Enrich your customer service experience with LiveChat’s powerful platform! Connect instantly to customers using a

FloatChat for Facebook Messenger | Dynamic Customer Support

Floatchat for Facebook Messenger Using Floatchat for Facebook Messenger, it is not necessary to manually go through 1.3 billion Facebook users as the platform can automate and streamline the process of interacting with customers and managing inquiries through FloatChat for facebook messenger. Start your trial now The real potential of

Government Chatbots

Utilize bots in Government chatbots to provide round-the-clock services Assistance Support Utilizing bots in government refers to the use of automated bots or virtual assistants to provide 24/7 services to citizens. These bots can be integrated into various government systems to provide assistance and answer with  queries Government chatbots. 14

Dynamic Chatbot Providing a Superior Customer Experience

Elevating Your Customer Experience Strategy Plans Techniques Discover How Floatchat’s Chatbot Responses Can Help Experience a profound level of customer satisfaction that will leave an indelible mark on their minds. Unleash the true potential of customer relationships and witness the magic of Dynamic Chatbot responses. 14 days trial No credit

Maximizing Efficiency with AI Chatbot Features is a Best

Generate AI Chatbot Features Quicker & Smarter Better Smoother Chatbots: The Secret Weapon for Building Customer Loyalty Transform your business with the revolutionary power of AI chatbots technology! Engage customers in a whole new way and take their experience to the next level. Unlock unparalleled loyalty as you unlock this

Automate Your Workflow With Slack Chatbot Integrations

Floatchat for Slack Chatbot Generate tailor made chatbots for slack chatbot and have an elegant office workflow.  Start your trial now Integrate a virtual team member & focus on essential things Identify the repetitive tasks that take up a significant amount of time and create a list of them. Then,

Streamline Communication with Telegram Chatbots | FloatChat

Automate Your Business Operations and Improve Customer Support with Telegram Bots FloatChat introduces Telegram bots, the ultimate solution to streamline your business operations and elevate your customer support game. Our state-of-the-art technology empowers you to automate various facets of your business, reducing manual efforts and boosting productivity.  Start Your Trial

Transform Your WeChat bot Experience with Floatchat Bots

What is a WeChat Bot WeChat bots are automated conversational agents that interact with users directly within WeChat, China’s hugely popular messaging and social media app. Over 1 billion people actively use WeChat each month, making it an extremely high-engagement platform.WeChat bots allow brands, businesses, and organizations to effectively engage

Connect With WhatsApp Integration for Business Automation

Your Personal WhatsApp Chatbots Assistant for Hassle-Free Conversations Unlock productivity potential with our special WhatsApp Chatbots Assistant! Streamline communication, save time and experience the best results in your conversations – making sure to make the most out of every conversation. Start Your Trial Now Automated Responses with a WhatsApp Chatbots

FloatChat’s Chatbot education Solutions Help To Get Best

The educational chatbot that Enhances Improves Grows Your learning experience FloatChat is an AI-powered chatbot education designed to provide personalized learning recommendations, answer queries related to curriculum and assignments, and offer insights on academic performance Chatbot education.  14 days trial No credit card is necessary. BE ALWAYS AVAILABLE Use FloatChat’s

Boost Your Business with Our Enterprise Chatbot Solution

AI-powered chatbot for enterprise Strategy Plans Techniques Task automation and analytics Experience a profound level of customer satisfaction that will leave an indelible mark on their minds. Unleash the true potential of customer relationships and witness the magic of Floatchat’s Enterprise chatbot responses. 14 days trial No credit card is

Healthcare Chatbot Solutions – Better Engagement | FloatChat

AI-powered user-friendlychatbot for personalized customized Tailored Healthcare chatbotassistance and advice. With the FloatChat chatbot, patients can easily access medical information, schedule appointments, and receive reminders, all while healthcare providers can efficiently manage patient inquiries and responses. 14 days trial No credit card is necessary. Ideal for Hospitality Medical practices Healthcare

Chatbot for Sales | Boost Your Sales with Floatchat

The sales chatbot that Increases Improve Boost Your conversions and revenue. With FloatChat, you can engage with potential customers, answer their questions, and guide them toward a purchase. Our chatbot for sales  uses AI to provide personalized recommendations and improve the overall experience. 14 days trial No credit card is

Have A Growth In customer service chatbot with FloatChat

The support Chatbots Quicker & Facilitates provides delivers Instant and efficient solutions Customers can receive fast and accurate assistance around the clock. Our chatbot customer service provides personalized support and resolves common issues, freeing up your support team to handle more complex requests customer service chatbot. Sign up Free 14


BLOG Initiate your chatbot trial & make your first float chat today Sign up Free Free 14 Days Trial No Credit Card Required

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Floatchat Chatbot platform At FloatChat, we are dedicated to safeguarding the privacy of our users and have prepared a Privacy Policy to outline our practices regarding the collection of Personal Data from Users of our Services, including our Sites, mobile apps, chatbots, and the FloatChat ecosystem. By using

Chatbot Integration for FloatChat – Simplify Your Customer Experience

Floatchat Integrations Connect With FloatChat’s ChatBot Integrations with your favorite tools and apps Start Your Free Trial Superior Customer Service offered with the help of Chatbot Chat whatsapp Attach a beautiful, tailor made chat widget to your website. Check Out instagram Enhance your customer experiences working along with chatbot integration

Restaurant Chatbot-template Is Best

Restaurant chatbot Template With our Restaurant Chatbot Template, you can easily streamline your restaurant’s operations by automating the ordering and reservation process and Restaurant Chatbot. Get this template Important tasks Provide your restaurant menu Process Menu Orders Do Reservations 24×7 Support to customers Share Contact Details. Know more about Restaurent

livechat essentials Chat template

Live Essentials Engage your customers with LiveChat, the powerful tool that will transform customer experience. Automate mundane tasks and be available to answer questions in real-time – offer immediate assistance for greater satisfaction! Get this template Key Tasks Generate a ticket in the chat window Deliver Chats to human agents

Chatbot Templates | Free & Customizable Templates for Chatbots

The meaning of Floatchat Template A Floatchat template is a pre-designed Floatchat story that can be easily customized to fit your specific needs. These templates allow you to quickly create a functional Floatchat without the need for extensive coding or development experience with Chatbot Templates witChatbot Templatesh Easy to use


Simplify Customer Service with AI Twitter Chatbots Streamline your customer service using ai Twitter within the Conversational Cloud platform. Simplify the process for your customers to receive prompt responses to their inquiries and efficiently take action through the messaging and social channels they are already familiar with, such as AI

Advanced nlu

Modern Natural Language Interpretation Brands and businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve their customer experience and satisfaction. One of the key components of this effort is Natural Language Understanding (NLU), which enables machines to understand and interpret human language. Sign up Free The best Conversational AI economy Float

Floatchat:The Leading Chatbot Service Provider for Kik App Integration

Revolutionize Your Kik Experience with FloatChat Welcome to FloatChat, the premier chatbot service provider offering seamless integration for Kik app. In today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses need to adopt innovative solutions to enhance customer support, engagement, and overall user experience. With FloatChat’s cutting-edge chatbot integration for Kik, you can revolutionize


FloatChat Legal The Agreement In this section, you will find all the documents that are binding when you use our main services as a customer. If you have questions about the rules on which we provide you with the services, want to know how we handle your data, or have

Why- Floatchat

Good communications lead to happy customers In today’s world, customers have an abundance of choices and options to choose from. As a result, they are more informed and educated and have higher expectations than ever. In addition, with the advent of technology, customers now have access to various channels and

Contact Us

Get In Touch Contact With US It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted [contact-form-7 id=”511″ title=”Contact form”] Contact FormPlease enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.Name *FirstLastEmail *Comment or Message Submit Location 8 Temasek Boulevard #32-01 Suntec Tower Three, Singapore – 038988 Contact


Log in to all your tools Whatsapp Messenger Telegram Twitter Freshdesk Viber Instagram Skype Kik Zendesk Shopify Slack Livechat Microsoft WordPress Helpdesk Whatsapp Messenger Telegram Twitter Twitter Freshdesk Viber Instagram Skype More details What is FloatChat? Get an “All-in-One Platform for Building and Launching Conversational Chatbots Without Coding” Log inPlease


Sign in to all your tools Whatsapp Messenger Telegram Twitter Freshdesk Viber Instagram Skype Kik Zendesk Shopify Slack Livechat Microsoft WordPress Helpdesk Whatsapp Messenger Telegram Twitter Twitter Freshdesk Viber Instagram Skype What is FloatChat? Get an “All-in-One Platform for Building and Launching Conversational Chatbots Without Coding” Sign up now for

See How Businesses Improved Their CX | FloatChat Case Study

Customer success powered by the Floatchat experience With FloatChat, you can deploy your AI chatbot on multiple channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and more, to offer an omnichannel customer experience that your customers will love. Sign up Free Schedule a demo 14 days trial No credit card is necessary. Accelo

Chatbot on Skype for Business is best

FloatChat for Skype for Business Stay up-to-date on the cutting edge of tech trends with FloatChat – a powerful Skype for Business Chatbot, designed to utilize AI technology and amplify your business’ capabilities. Easily enhance customer service, marketing efforts & sales processes – all while boosting productivity levels! Dive into

Contact Center AI

Provide Higher Business Growth With Floatchat Uno- Contact Center powered by AI Voicebot Provide Higher Contact Center Efficiency with top-end contact center ai solutions. Robotize upto 90 % of customer engagement through different voice and chat channels, increase agent productivity & get higher CSAT scores. You can do all these

Chatbot offline form template

Offline Form Template Keep your customers satisfied even after business hours with an innovative chatbot offline form template! Enable yourself to collect inquiries and concerns, no matter what time it is. Give your customer support team a helping hand – make sure they’re always covered by utilizing this fantastic technology

University Template

UNIVERSITY TEMPLATE The university template enables you to create an ultra-modern graduate admission system for applicants with smooth navigation and an organized, clear, concise design structure. Additionally, candidates will have access to powerful features as we Get this template Important tasks Advertise programs and courses Educates about the admission process

Customizable Chatbot Services with Various Integrations

Customizable, Socially Integrated, AI-Powered Solution FloatChat is a leading Chatbot services provider that offers innovative solutions to enhance customer interactions and streamline business operations. With a focus on customization, social media integration, and advanced AI capabilities, FloatChat empowers businesses to deliver exceptional support, automate processes, and gain valuable insights through

Revolutionizing Customer Service: Chatboat’s Natural Language Processing

Chatboat Natural Language Processing by Floatchat Introduction In today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to improve customer experiences and engagement. One such innovative solution is the implementation of chatbots powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology. Chatbots have become increasingly popular due to their ability to

Grow Your Business with FloatChat’s Chatbot Marketing Effectively

The marketing chatbot that Elevates Improve Enhance  Your customer engagement Chatbot Marketing Engage with customers, answer their questions, and provide personalized recommendations. Our chatbot uses artificial intelligence to provide a seamless and enjoyable customer experience. 14 days trial No credit card is necessary. Elevate Your Marketing Strategy with the Help

Management Team

Join the FloatChat Team and Let’s Revolutionize Multichannel Customer Service Accelo Apptivo Capsule Copper Creatio Freshdesk HubSpot Insightly Keap Nimble Nutshell Odoo Oracle Pipedrive Pipeline Salesforce SugarCRM WORKetc Zendesk ZOHO Welcome to our Management Team! At Floatchat, we are proud to have a talented and experienced management team that leads


Frequently Asked Questions Why do we use it? It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. The point of using Lorem Ipsum is that it has a more-or-less normal distribution of letters. Where does

Discover the Power of Live Chat for Your Website | FloatChat

Enjoy the modern-day customer experience assisted by Live Chat They expect instant gratification and personalized experiences. As a result, businesses must find new ways to engage with customers in real time. This is where live Chat comes in. By combining automation and human agents, live Chat has become a powerful tool

FloatChat for Freshdesk Integration | Improve Customer Support

Floatchat For Freshdesk Gather Support tickets through tailor-made float chat communications. Start your trial now The meaning of a Freshdesk Freshdesk is a software for customer service that provides a helpdesk solution and intelligent automation. It enables businesses to efficiently manage customer inquiries and communication by keeping them organized in

Floatchat Ai chatbot Visual Builder

Make Web Designs More Innovative Creative Ingenious A perfect chatbot with Floatchat’s user-friendly visual builder Elevate the standards of web design and unleash your creativity with innovative, ingenious, and creative design solutions with Ai chatbot visual builder .Take your web design game to the next level by exploring new and

Boost Your Online Store with E-Commerce Templates

E-Commerce Template Make your business the talk of today’s digital world with an E-Commerce Template store! Standing out from the crowd has never been easier or more important – don’t miss this incredible opportunity.  Get This Template Key Tasks Provide Special Offers Add items easily Processing of Orders Give 24X7

Chatbot for Mobile Apps: Boost Customer Satisfaction

Floatchat for Mobile chatbots Learn how chatbot for mobile can help businesses increase their reach and generate more leads through enhanced customer engagement and convenience. Start your trial now The Benefits of Integrating Chatbot for Mobile App Customer service A chatbot can assist customers with their queries and provide quick

Chatbot Integration for FloatChat – Simplify Your Customer Experience

Boost Instagram Sales with FloatChat’s Automated Chatbots Get ready to skyrocket your Instagram sales with FloatChat’s Chatbot Integration! Our comprehensive automated tool allows you to revolutionize customer conversations, making it easier than ever before for businesses on the ‘gram to close more deals. Start your trial now Transform Your Instagram

Add a Chat Widget to Your Website with FloatChat

Chat Widget for Float Chat As businesses expand and adopt online platforms, the need for efficient communication and customer support increases. Start Your Trial Now Get in touch with your website visitors As businesses expand and adopt online platforms, the need for efficient communication and customer support increases it with.

FloatChat Chatbot Integration for Email | Simplify Your Work

FloatChat: Chatbot Integration for Email Are you tired of spending countless hours managing your email inbox? FloatChat is here to revolutionize your work processes by providing seamless chatbot integration for email. Start your trial now Transforming Email Management with FloatChat’s Intelligent Chatbot Enhanced Efficiency FloatChat’s chatbot integration for email eliminates

Zapier Login

ChatBot for Zapier Zapier is a powerful automation tool that can help you connect your favorite apps and create powerful workflows after getting a zapier login . Start your free trial Make your floatchat more powerful with Zapier Unlimited Potential Zapier brings automation to the cloud, so you can free

Zendesk Floatchat: The Ultimate Guide to Boost Your Customer Service

Float Chat for Zendesk Businesses need to cater to their customers’ needs and preferences by providing support through multiple channels, including social media, chat, and messaging apps. Start your trial now The meaning of Zendesk Floatchat Zendesk floatchat is a popular help desk software that enables businesses to manage and

Floatchat For Line Messenger App

floatchat For Line Messenger App A platform for managing Line Messenger with advanced chatbots powered by artificial intelligence. Start your trial now Floatchat Chatbot: Key Features for Line App Here are just a few of the key features and benefits of Floatchat’s Chatbot for Line messenger app: Seamless Integration Floatchat


testimonials Real Stories from Our Valued Clients on How Our Bot Service Transformed Their Business COMPANY INFORMATION At FloatChat, we take immense pride in our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. As a leading AI-powered chat platform, we empower businesses to engage with their customers in a more personalized and

In COVID-19 AI Chatbot For Website – Keep Workplace Safe

Covid 19 Risk Assessment Template This will help to recognize coronavirus symptoms & give advice whether and where they should take medical assistance  ai chatbot for website. Get this template Key Tasks Provide Primary Diagnosis Give Expert Recommendations Distribute Local Guidelines More Information about this template The chatbot asks a

Customer Service Floatchat example Template for Is Best For business

Customer Service Template Struggling to keep up with customer service inquiries? Our Customer Service Template is here to help your business automate the process of providing support and quickly answering frequently asked questions. Leverage this chatbot-based system today – let our template take care of all your customer service needs! 

Mastering Floatchat: Best Practices

Floatchat Best Practices Important tips which will help you design a successful Floatchat for your business Before implementing a Floatchat, you should determine its purpose and goals. Ask yourself what you want to achieve with your Floatchat best practices and how it can benefit your business. There are many Floatchat

Recruitment Templates for Job Application Productive

Job Application Template I’m excited to potentially join your team and deliver outstanding job application recruitment templates!  Get this template Important Tasks Provide Open Positions Gather Contact Details Create Leads Answer Repeated Questions Collect Resumes with the help of a Chatbot Know more about this recruitment templates Get the perfect

Engage Your Customers with an Online Quiz Template

Online Quiz Template Increase Engagement & distribute coupon codes in best possible manner Get This Template important Tasks Engross users in an online quiz Display Results Guide customers to your pages Distribute coupon codes Know more about this template This template provides a great opportunity to engage with your website

Floatchat Sales Template: Boost Your Sales

Sales Template Our Sales Template is designed to improve the buying process for customers, making it easy and convenient for them to make a purchase. Get this template Important Tasks Provide Special Offers Receive & process Orders Answer FAQs Monitor Packages Know More About This Template The sales Floatchat is

Support Refugees Fleeing Ukraine with the Refugee Support Template

Refugee Support Template The Refugee Support Template offers a platform for refugees fleeing Ukraine to connect with people who are willing to offer them support.The template is designed to help manage organizational efforts more efficiently and ensure that refugees receive the help they need. Get this template Key Tasks Refugees

Chatbot Integrations

Make complicated workflows more easier with the help of chatbot integrations Bring all your enterprise apps under one roof by using our chatbot API.  Sign up Free Different ways in which Chatbot Integrations will affect your workflows 17% Higher productivity with workflow automation 30 % Interactions possible due to integration workflows

Discover the Chatbot Benefits for Your Business | Floatchat

Maximize Your social Media Potential That will help build your business Discover the untapped power of AI to revolutionize your social media strategy. Gain invaluable insights from a data-driven analysis that will empower you to make informed decisions about your campaigns and customer relationships. Sign up Free What We Do

Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Provide a superior customer experience with AI Chatbot With Float Chat, you can deploy your AI chatbot on multiple channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and more, to offer an omnichannel customer engagement that your customers will love. Sign up Free 14 days trial No credit card is necessary. Provide Superior

Chatbot Training

Enjoy Chatbot improvements & Chatbot Training Give directions to your chatbot instantly by using well-known document technology in the best possible manner Sign up Free 14 pages 9 seconds One answer Most customers feel instant support is critical to monitor any business.  Docusense is a collision that saves a lot of

Chatbot Builder with Live Chat Advanced Features | FloatChat

Transforming Industries and empowering Communities group circle Versatile and secure messaging with text, voice, media, groups, calls, and location sharing. It has a user-friendly interface and end-to-end encryption for private communication. Sign up Free No code chat Create powerful and engaging chatbot builder experiences without coding skills. Testing tool Building

Floatchat Customers Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction Template The Customer Satisfaction Template is designed to help businesses automate the process of collecting customer feedback and floatchat customers satisfaction survey. Get this template Some important Tasks Collect Customer Feedback Allow the visitors to rate the services More about this template To elaborate further, the Floatchat Customer

Halloween messenger icon Template for floatchat:Get Spooky

Halloween Template Have Spook-tacular Halloween Fun; create Irresistible Chatbot Quizzes with These Halloween Templates.  Get this template Important Tasks Attract customers with themed chatbot quiz Sharing of Promo Codes Know more about this template Unlock a wickedly interactive Halloween experience with the easy to use, no-skill-required Halloween Messenger Bot. Instantly

lead generation chatbot: Tips & Strategies is best

Lead Generation Revolutionize Your Customer Support Strategy with These lead generation chatbot. Get this template important Tasks Create and Segment Leads Gather Contact Information Take Questions from users Know More About this Template Unlocking the digital potential of your business just became easier with a lead generation chatbot! Save time,

Intelligent Analytics

Smart Analytics with Functional Insights Intelligent analytics can help you gain a deep understanding of how your users engage with your Intelligent analytics Virtual Assistant. By analyzing user interactions, you can uncover valuable insights that can be used to improve important ROI metrics and enhance the overall customer experience. Schedule

Tailor Made Messages For Unrecognized Expressions

The Power of Chatbots in Customer Service Smarter Better Smoother In today’s digital age, many businesses are turning to chatbots to enhance their customer service capabilities. Chatbots are computer programs designed to simulate human conversation, allowing customers to interact with a brand through messaging apps or websites.This technology has become

Revolutionize Customer Interaction with Floatchat Chatbot

Introducing Floatchat: Your Intelligent Chatbot Revolutionizing Customer Service with the Power of Automation In today’s fast-paced world, customers expect businesses to be available 24/7. They do not have the time or patience to wait for an email response or a phone call back.This is where chatbots come in – they


How FloatChat Helped BH-Design Improve Customer Engagement and Grow their Business BH-Design is a designing company that specializes in creating unique and aesthetically pleasing designs for a variety of industries. The company had been struggling to handle customer queries effectively and efficiently, leading to a decline in customer satisfaction and

Floatchat WordPress: Boost Your Website’s Interactivity

Float Chat By WordPress    Make Multitasking Floatchat WordPress chatbots for your website.  Start your trial now Provide Superior Customer Experience with Floatchat A chatbot on your website can enhance customer experience by providing quick and helpful answers to common queries, freeing up your team to handle more complex issues. 

Shopify Chatbot Integration with FloatChat for Store Support

Floatchat For Shopify Floatchat for Shopify Chatbot is a platform that allows you to create and deploy chatbots on your Shopify store. Start your trial now Provide your Shopify sales a boost Adding a personalized chatbot experience to your Shopify chatbot  store using float chat can boost your sales by

FAQ Templates for Floatchat | Easily Answer Common Questions

FAQ Template Answer Repeated Questions 24×7 with the help of FAQ Templates chatbot to provide superior customer experience. Get This Template Important Tasks Provide 24×7 service Answer questions about subscriptions Resolve account issues quickly Transfer Links to your articles & pages Know more about this template This powerful tool allows

Floatchat Connect: Unified Chatbot for Customer Support

Get Started with process Instantly Quickly Automation and personalization combined! Integrate your LiveChat system with Floatchat connect for a customer service experience designed to perfectly meet their needs. The modern digital world has revolutionized the customer service experience. With automated technological solutions, companies can now create smoother and more efficient

AI Agent Assist

Human-Agent Productivity is Increased by an Artificial Intelligence SUPER AGENT TO AGENT FROM AGENT Our advanced bot helps ai agents perform better and more efficiently by interpreting customer sentiment, understanding their intent, and providing real-time suggestions for every situation. On top of that, it empowers them to become superagents who can

Protected auto live Chatbot

Live chatbot After Hours Template As businesses increasingly rely on online customer service, it’s crucial to ensure customers can reach you even when your agents are auto chat bot unavailable. Get this template Important Tasks Answer most common customer questions. Gather Support Tickets Collect Customer Contact Details Know more about

Real Estate Chatbot Example Template is best

Real Estate Template Real Estate Chatbot Example With this innovative template, advertising your properties has never been easier. Get this template Important Tasks Robotize your rental listing process Get in touch with home sellers and buyers Have Licensed leads in chat window Know more about this template Unlock success for

Save Big on FloatChat discount policy templates

Discount Policy Template Engross Web Surfing Visitors &  automatize lead generation Get this template Key Tasks Provide Seasonal Discounts Collect Newsletter Subscribers More about this template Make the holiday season one to remember with a powerful, savvy marketing strategy that covers all your bases. Leverage automated discount policy chatbot templates

Float Chat Viber Chatbot : Communicate in an Easy way

Chatbot For Viber Management App Our Viber Management Platform enables you to provide outstanding customer experiences. Start Your trial now Floatchat’s Viber Chatbot Services for Better Customer Experience At Floatchat, we offer a comprehensive range of Viber chatbot services designed to enhance your customer experience and streamline your business operations.

Get Package Tracking Easier With FloatChat Tracking Template

Package Monitoring Template This user-friendly tool is designed to make the tracking process seamless. Get this template Important Tasks Monitor Delivery Status Display delivery status More Information about this Traking template Customers have become accustomed to receiving their orders quickly and efficiently in today’s fast-paced world. However, the delivery process

Chatbot Report: Data Analytics for Business Decisions

Unlock Your Business’s Full Potential Plans Techniques Using FloatChat Analytics Insights Analytics is a powerful tool for tracking and analyzing website visitor behavior. With its real-time chatbot report, businesses can make data-driven decisions to improve their online presence and conversions. 14 days trial No credit card is necessary. Examine Reports

Create Help Desk Tickets with Floatchat shopify

Generate Helpdesk Tickets Avoid the hassle of long and tedious ticketing systems. Our HelpDesk system makes it fast and easy to communicate with customers, reducing your resolution time so you can focus on more important tasks! Get this template Some Important Tasks Gather Customer Contact Details Collect Helpdesk Tickets More

Chatbot Solutions for Marketing, Support, Sales, and Education.

ChatBot Solutions FloatChat offers various intelligent automation solutions designed to cater to multiple needs. Free 14 Days Trial No Credit Card Required Marketing Our chatbot marketing solution uses AI technology to transform your marketing approach and deliver exceptional results. Learn more Support Optimizing the customer service proces to accelerate progress


How FloatChat Helped MSACrafts Get Accurate Customer Responses MSACrafts is a graphic solutions company that provides creative services to businesses of all sizes. The company was facing a challenge in providing accurate responses to their customers’ queries. Their support team was struggling to handle a high volume of support requests,


How FloatChat Helped Yappi Get 24/7 Services for Their Customers Yappi is a telecom solutions company that provides communication services to businesses of all sizes. The company was facing a challenge in providing 24/7 customer support services to their customers, as their support team was not available round-the-clock. This was

Just Jesters

How FloatChat Helped JustJester Build a Superior Support System and Enhance Customer Support JustJester is a wood solutions company that specializes in crafting bespoke wooden furniture, cabinetry, and flooring. The company had been struggling to provide timely and effective support to its customers, which was impacting their customer satisfaction levels

ASR AS A Service

Floatchat NEO – ASR as a service With the rapid growth of AI and machine learning, businesses are adopting new and innovative ways to improve their customer experience. One such technology is the Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) or Speech-to-Text (STT) Sign up Free 14 days trial No credit card is

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Condition The following document outlines the terms of use for our chatbot platform, referred to as the “Platform”. Floatchat Technologies Inc, a company registered in the state of Delaware, USA and its subsidiary companies, built the Platform.By subscribing and accessing the terms outlined below, you agree to these

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