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FloatChat is an AI-powered chatbot education designed to provide personalized learning recommendations, answer queries related to curriculum and assignments, and offer insights on academic performance Chatbot education. 

Chatbot education


Use FloatChat's Chatbot education to enhance candidate student

Chatbot education

Streamline Recruitment

Simplify Your Recruitment Process with FloatChat's Chatbot Solutions to Promote Courses, Open Days and Explain Admission Procedures.

Boost Your Business with Our Enterprise Chatbot Solution

Streamlined Support

Use FloatChat's chatbot solutions to help your students to automate FAQs and collect specialized questions with conversational contact forms.

Chatbot education

Innovative Chatbots

Maximize the Benefits of Innovation with FloatChat's Chatbot education: Provide Students with Instant and Relevant Answers using Technology they Prefer.

Chatbot education
Boost Your Business with Our Enterprise Chatbot Solution
Chatbot education
Chatbot education

Reach your Students Anywhere

Convert Website and Facebook Visitors into Conversations with FloatChat for Chatbot education.
Chatbot education

Code-Free Chat Widget for Websites

With FloatChat, you can easily add a chat widget to your website without coding.

Chatbot education

Seamless Messenger Integration

Connect with your students seamlessly through one-click Messenger integration.


Track Your Chatbot Connections with FloatChat

Use FloatChat to understand your chatbot users and cultivate stronger relationships with help oof Chatbot education.

Shopify chatbot

Automatic Insights

With FloatChat, every user interaction with your chatbot is automatically saved in the Users database, providing rich insights into their conversations and details with Chatbot education.


Efficient Segmentation

Optimize your workflow with FloatChat's user separation feature, which exports user data with just one click and differentiates between current students and new applicants.

Chatbot education

Quick ChatBot Launch

With FloatChat’s ready-to-use ChatBot templates, you can launch and customize your chatbot in just minutes.

Chatbot education

Customer support

Seamless Customers Support Solutions to Enhance Your Business

Boost Your Business with Our Enterprise Chatbot Solution

Generate leads

Drive Sales and Generate Leads with the Help of floatChat's Chatbots.

Chatbot education

Ecommerce Bot

Streamlines the entire buying process through a user-friendly chatbot interface

Chatbot education

Bot for hiring

Simplifies the hiring process with an AI-powered chatbot that screens candidates and schedules interviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Floatchat is an AI-powered chatbot designed specifically for education. It helps streamline communication, provide instant answers, and enhance the overall learning experience for students and educators.

Integrating Floatchat is easy. Simply contact our support team, and they will guide you through the process, including customization options to align with your educational goals.

Floatchat is suitable for schools, colleges, universities, online learning platforms, and any educational institution looking to improve student engagement and support.

Floatchat can assist with answering common questions, providing resources, guiding students through coursework, and offering support 24/7, making learning more accessible and efficient.

Floatchat is designed with user-friendliness in mind, ensuring that students and educators of all tech skill levels can easily navigate and benefit from its features.

Floatchat takes data security and privacy seriously. We employ robust encryption and adhere to all relevant regulations to safeguard sensitive educational data.

Yes, Floatchat can be integrated with various LMS and educational software solutions to enhance the overall educational ecosystem. 

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