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Healthcare chatbotassistance and advice.

With the FloatChat chatbot, patients can easily access medical information, schedule appointments, and receive reminders, all while healthcare providers can efficiently manage patient inquiries and responses.

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healthcare chatbot

Medical practices

Healthcare Chatbot Solutions - Better Engagement | FloatChat

Healthcare providers

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Dental clinics

Generate Your Own Medical Floatchat

Healthcare Chatbot Solutions - Better Engagement | FloatChat

No-Code Builder

Generate interactive system with the help of floatchat no code visual builder used for services to customer .

healthcare chatbot

Pre-Launch Testing

Use FloatChat's Chatbot Testing Tool to test your chatbot effectively which is important for better communications.

Healthcare Chatbot Solutions - Better Engagement | FloatChat

Easy Customization

Provide medical chatbot after making necessary customization changes which are necessary for better services

Increase you teams potential

By providing doctors and nurses with automation tools to streamline repetitive tasks, they can use their saved time to focus in getting in touch with new people.

healthcare chatbot

24/7 Support

By offering 24/7 patient support and sharing verified medical information, you can help patients make wise decisions instead of relying on unreliable online resources that may lead to incorrect conclusions.

Healthcare Chatbot Solutions - Better Engagement | FloatChat

Streamlined Appointment Scheduling

Reduce the volume of phone features by implementing a chatbot to allow patients to easily schedule and manage their appointments with just a few taps.

healthcare chatbot

The Automating Regular Processes

You can automate everyday activities and spend more time and resources to provide top-notch patient care by sharing your clinic's operating hours, practitioners, procedures, and treatments.

healthcare chatbot

Feedback Collection

Gather valuable customer opinions and insights with the help of a chatbot to ensure your team delivers exceptional service and identify areas for improvement.

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