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Chatbots Quicker &
Facilitates provides delivers

Instant and efficient solutions

Customers can receive fast and accurate assistance around the clock. Our chatbot customer service provides personalized support and resolves common issues, freeing up your support team to handle more complex requests customer service chatbot.

customer service chatbot

Exceptionally Sophisticated Support Services

With FloatChat, streamline your customers
service processes, enabling your team and customers to achieve their goals efficiently and quickly.

customer service chatbot

24/7 Customer Care

FloatChat offers 24/7 customer service, delivering consistent support across all platforms and enabling users to handle problems whenever convenient.


Interactive Issue Resolution

Use interactive forms and pictures to quickly describe technical issues and shorten the time to fix them with customer service chatbot.


Streamlined Teamwork

Boosts team productivity by automating responses to repetitive queries, enabling your team to concentrate on more complex cases.

customer service chatbot

24/7 Intelligent with Assistance of FloatChat

FloatChat’s chatbot support provides 24/7 customer service chatbot, ensuring that your customers are always taken care of, even when you’re not available.

difficult problems

Guide consumers through their journeys with the adaptable chatbot support responses provided by customer service chatbot and proactively address problems before they happen.

customer service chatbot

Use buttons to help customers quickly and accurately pinpoint their problems.

Have A Growth In customer service chatbot with FloatChat

Assist users in exploring FloatChat by providing visual cues like photos and GIFs demonstrating where to click.

customer service chatbot

Using the videos to explain complicated processes step-by-step.

customer service chatbot

Provide rapid responses as potential responses

customer service chatbot

Improve Customer Support

Expand your business using FloatChat customer service chatbot.

AI-Assisted Support

Boost Your Support Team’s Productivity with FloatChat’s ChatBot Integration – Let AI Handle Mundane Tasks and Create a Well-Balanced Support Service.

customer service chatbot
customer service chatbot

Live Chat

difficult problems


of conversation got automated


of inquiries Resolved Cases with Chatbots


boost of LiveChat Support Team

Chatbot on Skype for Business is best

With our Chatbot support, easily transfer users to a human agent for that personal touch when needed by us.

customer service chatbot

Make it simple for your customers to create a ticket in the FloatChat window when facing complex cases with help of our chatbot.

customer service chatbot

Easily set goals for your chats and track the performance of your FloatChat chatbot with us and get the right platform and all the accurate data.

Have A Growth In customer service chatbot with FloatChat

Effortlessly organize your conversations with Chatbot support, which tags, categorizes all of your chats in a systematic way.

customer service chatbot

Create your first chatbot within minutes

FloatChat lets you gather customer queries through chat and integrate with HelpDesk, Zendesk, or Freshdesk with customer service chatbot. Use our chatbot customer service feature for streamlined customer inquiry management within your chosen system.

Ensuring Consistent customer service chatbot Across All Channels

Be accessible to your consumers on their favorite communication channels using FloatChat. 

Have A Growth In customer service chatbot with FloatChat

FloatChat Widget

Support your website, and visitors, easily by adding FloatChat's Chat Widget in just a few simple steps.

customer service chatbot

Integrate with FloatChat

Integrate FloatChat with Your Messaging Platform for Automated Customer Communication.

customer service chatbot

Facebook Chatbot Connection

Connect with Facebook Users through FloatChat's Chatbot on Your Fan Page

customer service chatbot
What We Offer

Chatbot Support

Provide Multilingual Support with FloatChat’s Chatbot for Better customer service chatbot.

Time-saver Templates

Save Time with FloatChat’s Ready-to-Use Chatbot Templates for Customer Support.

Customer support

Seamless Customer Support Solutions to Enhance Your Business.

Generate leads

Drive Sales and Generate Leads with the Help of floatChat's Chatbots.

Have A Growth In customer service chatbot with FloatChat

Ecommerce Bot

Streamlines the entire buying process through a user-friendly chatbot interface.

Bot hiring

Simplifies the hiring process with an AI-powered chatbot that screens candidates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A customer service chatbot is an AI-powered software designed to interact with customers and provide automated support, answering queries, assisting with issues, and offering information.

Customer service chatbots use AI algorithms to understand user messages, analyze intent, and deliver appropriate responses. They can handle routine tasks, answer FAQs, and guide users through processes.

Customer service chatbots enhance efficiency, provide 24/7 support, reduce wait times, offer consistent responses, and free up human agents to focus on complex tasks.

While chatbots excel at handling routine tasks, they complement human agents by providing quick resolutions. Human agents are still essential for handling complex queries and offering empathy.

Chatbots offer instant assistance, personalized interactions, and quick problem-solving, leading to enhanced user satisfaction and positive experiences.

Many customer service chatbots are multilingual and capable of understanding and responding in different languages to cater to a diverse user base.

Chatbots can be customized by training them with specific responses, incorporating brand tone, and tailoring their behavior to match your business requirements.

Yes, customer service chatbots can be designed to handle sensitive information securely, adhering to data protection regulations and industry standards.

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